Tutoring Policies

Tutee's Statement of Understanding of Peer Tutoring Program (PTP) Policies and Procedures SPRING 2015

I understand that the PTP operates according to the following policies and procedures:

  1. I must regularly attend class for the course in which I am receiving tutoring.
  2. No more than one (1) one-hour sessions per week is permitted. The PTP will award me a specific number of hours based on the number of remaining weeks in the semester (up to a maximum of twelve (12) one-hour sessions).
  3. I am eligible for tutoring in one course per semester, the only exception being for foreign language courses. 
  4. Tutees are accommodated on a first-come, first served basis with tutoring sessions beginning after the drop/add period. I can call 919-684-8832 (PTP Office) at any time to check on the status of my application.
  5. Once I have been matched, the tutor will contact me and together we will establish a meeting time and place for the initial tutoring session. If I do not meet with the tutor within one week from his/her initial call, the tutor will be reassigned.
  6. After the initial meeting, it is my responsibility to stay in contact with the tutor and to confirm appointments each week. It is strongly recommended that I establish a standing weekly appointment with my tutor.
  7. To change or cancel a tutoring appointment, I must notify my tutor 24 hours in advance of the appointed time. Failure to cancel an appointment will be considered a no-show, and means forfeiting the tutoring session for that week. I will be required to notify my tutor before tutoring can resume.
  8. I will be prompt for my tutoring appointments. Any time that I miss due to lateness is forfeited. The tutor is not required to wait longer than 20 minutes past the appointed time. If I miss the tutor because I am more than 20 minutes late, it is also considered a no-show and I will need to obtain permission from the PTP Coordinator before tutoring can resume. 
  9. If I miss two consecutive sessions of tutoring for reasons other than illness, family emergency, or University-sponsored event, I will forfeit my privilege to receive tutoring for the remainder of the semester.
  10. If I withdraw from the course I am being tutored in or want to drop tutoring for any reason, I must contact my tutor and the PTP Coordinator immediately.
  11. I will be required to arrive prepared for my tutoring sessions; i.e., read class material, attempt to do homework assignment, and prepare questions.  I will bring my course materials (text, lecture notes, etc) with me to my tutoring sessions.
  12. Tutoring sessions cannot be transferred to another student.
  13. At the end of the semester, I must fill out a PTP evaluation form and return it.
  14. All PTP tutoring will stop on the last day of classes:  Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

NOTE: If you have any scheduling difficulties, personality conflicts or other concerns with your tutor, please contact the PTP Coordinator, Monique Harris, as soon as possible (919-684-8832).