New Eligibility Requirements

Can I apply for an individual tutor for courses that have Walk-In Tutoring hours available (Chemistry 101DL, 201DL, 202L, Econonomics 101, and Mathematics 216D)?

  • No individual tutoring is available for Mathematics 216D.
  • Individual tutoring is available after Exam I for Chemistry 101DL, 201DL, 202L and for Economics 101.
  • You may apply for an individual tutor if you score 5 points below the mean score on any in-class exam (for Chem 101DL, 201DL, 202L, Econ 101).   [The Academic Resource Center will verify your exam scores.]
  • You can apply for ONE tutor each semester (in addition to a foreign language tutor). [Note: You may use all available walk-in tutoring hours.]
  • These eligibility requirements apply only for Chem 101DL, 201DL, 202L, and Econ 101.