Request Event Security

The Duke University Police Department provides police and security services for special events such as concerts, dignitary visits, commencement, holiday celebrations, student and department social events, athletics and weddings.

The average cost is $35 per hour for each officer. Duke Police’s Special Operations unit determines the number of officers required to cover each event and the need for any special services, such as ambulances.

Requests for event security must be submitted to Special Operations after it has been scheduled with the appropriate Duke department (see below) and at least ten business days prior to the event.

How to Schedule Special Events

Student Organizations

Student groups must schedule events through the Office of Student Activities and Facilities, known as OSAF, at (919) 684-4741 or by e-mail to

Campus Departments, Community Groups, Businesses and Individuals

Campus departments and community members not affiliated with Duke must contact Duke University Event Management’s Special Events Services at (919) 660-1700, or by e-mail to

After scheduling an event, follow these steps:

Complete a Duke Police special events request form at least ten business days prior to the event.

Submit the form online, fax it to (919) 684-6119, or send it campus mail to: Duke Police Department, Attn: Special Operations Manager, Box 90425. You may also send it by U.S. Postal Service to Duke University Police Department, Attn: Special Operations Manager, Box 90425, Durham, NC 27708.

After your form is received, you will be contacted by the Special Operations Manager, or department representative to discuss details and cost.

Payment may be made by check to the Duke Police Department or through an interdepartmental request (IR form). Checks and IR forms must be mailed to the Duke University Police Department at the above address. IR forms sent by fax are not accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled event to avoid penalty fees, including security and special services costs.

Events canceled less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled event or canceled during the course of the event (due to inclement weather or other reasons) will be subject to a cancellation fee of $70 per officer, plus costs of any special services.

For questions or additional information, contact the Special Operations manager at (919) 684-4115.